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A decision that could have tragic consequences for PAWLING:

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Maybe you've heard about the potential rezoning being considered for Route 22 North of the Village of Pawling? This would change current zoning to allow for business uses that could extend all the way to the Dover town line. In the past, Pawling has had the public and private sectors come together to plan for a vibrant and healthy Village and Town. This potential rezoning has been considered previously. According to multiple consulting firms, it would have potential tragic consequences for Pawling.

Please don't take my word for this (these are my own thoughts and opinions and should not be connected to my brokerage). Knowledge is power. Click here to read through some of the actual documentation that has already been gathered. This information includes a chronological timeline and a Business Recruitment Strategy Document that was produced in 2001. In the Business Recruitment Strategy, you can read about a multitude of actions that could be undertaken that would not negatively impact our special community. In addition, this topic was brought forth for community discussion in the 1980's when world renowned architect and urban planner Andrés Duany and his Duany Plater Zyberk & Company (DPZ) came to Pawling and engaged in a Pawling Master Planning Project. DPZ was founded in 1980 in Miami, Florida and has completed designs and codes for over three hundred new towns, regional plans, and inner-city revitalization projects.

I feel so strongly about this that I have already written an email directly to the Town of Pawling Board members. My email is also available for you to read by clicking here. I have been told that stating my opinion may negatively impact my business as a real estate agent. I believe that if this rezoning is allowed, the Village of Pawling will soon be lost and we will be left with empty storefronts and route 22 strip malls, which will affect me, my friends and the community much more, than me stating my opinion.

Think about the quote from the top of this post. Pawling has a special history. Consultants and planners have come here and worked with our community multiple times through the years. There are many reasons why this area is not zoned for business use. Click here for the page where you can download info and documents, plus find additional rationale against this rezoning and a petition against it (in the folder titled "Petition - Town of Pawling). I have already signed the petition against the rezoning, if you would like to sign the petition against the rezoning, it can be found by clicking here.

UPDATE: Charlie Daniels Jr. has also written to the Town Board. Read his email by clicking here.

Let's keep our Pawling community viable for the future. The more this topic is discussed, the better off we will all be. I will continue to work on making more information available for your review. I hope you take the time to read it and discuss it. Pawling continues to change, but let's work together to educate each other and have productive, positive outcomes and discussions.

Post a comment, share this post, get involved with the Chamber of Commerce, talk to a Town of Pawling or Village of Pawling Board Member, but most of all, get involved. If you like this post, and would like to receive further posts/communications/newsletters/emails from me, please join my mailing list at

This post has been UPDATED to include an additional link. The new link is for you to view an email that was written from Charlie Daniels Jr to the Town Board. Charlie was the individual that led the 2001 Business Recruitment Strategy for Pawling. You can also see all documents relating to this post by going to

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