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I live in Pawling. Ask me how life here goes...


Hey there! I'm Taren. You might be wondering about my name because it's a little different from most first names. I was named after a state trooper who still lives in the Village of Pawling. My parents really liked and respected him, so they gave me his name. He still lives in Pawling and he and I are NOT the only "Tarens" in the area. His son is named Taren and his grandson is also named Taren. I once asked him about the origin of the name and his answer surprised me. He simply said that his mother told him that she made it up!


Anyway, let's get back to me. I'm an Associate Real Estate Broker who specializes in Pawling, NY Real Estate. The black lab in the picture is one of my dogs. Her name is Lily and she's 12 years Old. The Golden Retriever is my other dog and her name is River. She is about 1 year old.







This picture of Lily is from a hike on the Appalachian Trail where it runs through Pawling. The picture of River was taken in Pawling on the "Cat Rocks". A great hike!


Here are some bullet points about me:

  • I am Married to my beautiful wife, Christine & we live in the Village of Pawling

    • We have Kids (Young Adults in their 20's & 30's) - Tori, Keith, Alyssa, Kiersten​. They all grew up in this area

  • I have lived in Pawling for the majority of my life

  • My Religion: Catholic 

  • I attended Pawling Public Schools

    • Pawling Elementary

    • Pawling JR/SR High School

    • I was a student and a good athlete and am a member of the Pawling Sports Hall of Fame

  • Bachelor of Arts

    • ​University of Rhode Island​

  • Master of Arts

    • Manhattanville College

  • Community Involvement

    • Former Pawling Recreation Commission Member

    • Former Village of Pawling Planning Board Member

    • Coach (When time allows) - soccer, football, basketball​

  • Employment

    • Tanner Electric - electrical contracting

    • Real Estate Agent, Licensed 2003

    • Associate Real Estate Broker, Licensed 2005

    • Save the Children Federation - Director of Marketing Operations

    • Teacher NYCDOE

​Family is extremely important and makes me the honest, hard-working and caring person who I am today. My parents were hard-working self employed business owners in Pawling. My father, Donald Tanner, began Tanner Electric in the 1950's.  My mother, Nancy Tanner, started Pawling's THE BOOK COVE in 1976. My parents had six children and I was the fourth born of the crew. We all attended and graduated from college which was a testament to my parent's belief in strong education...Ithaca College, Colgate, Carnegie Mellon, University of Rhode Island (2 of us) and Princeton.

My wife and I share the same, strong conviction and belief in education. Our kids have graduated from Springfield College and SUNY Fredonia, and expect to have additional graduates this spring from SUNY Purchase and Nova Southeastern University. 

I could write a book here, but I'll save some details for when we meet! I'll summarize by saying that I believe strongly in family, faith and community.


My wife, My Mom & Me

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 12.29_edited.j

Me & My Wife

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